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Useful Origami, Adding Happiness to Your Life! thumbnail

At an origami convention in New York City, Vicente Palacios, an origami artist and teacher from Spain, related how people often asked him what is origami good for. He would respond with another question: “What are babies good for?” We certainly enjoy folding origami pieces that extend beyond the joy of creating and folding them. [...]

Let There Peace on Earth… thumbnail

…. and let it begin with me. ———————————————– Sometimes we need a quiet moment to find inner peace. We may find those moments while folding an origami crane. Spread Peace! Click for instructions to fold an origami crane today.

Fold Origami Cranes as a Tribute to Victims of 9/11 thumbnail

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” ~Buddha “Peace goes into the making of an origami crane as flour goes into the making of bread.” ~Pablo Neruda Origami cranes were offered to visitors at the WTC Tribute Center to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Cranes are traditional paper birds from Japan. They [...]

A Thousand Cranes, a book by Florence Temko thumbnail

Aside from being a symbol of world peace, health, and  long life, the origami crane has come to signify the art of paper folding itself. This idea is reinforced in a new edition of the book A Thousand Cranes: Origami Projects for Peace and Happiness by the prolific origami creator and author, Florence Temko. Book [...]

A Prayer for the Japanese People thumbnail

A prayer for the Japanese people and for all those affected by the March 11th earthquake.   ….     ………