Steps to Make a Container Out of a Coke Bottle

Designer Unknown

This box is very convenient to carry and protect small origami models. To make this box used bottle of coca-cola. This bottle comes in versions 16 or 20 oz. The two types of packaging used.

To make the box:

  • Wash the bottle. Cut the bottle in half just below the label.
  • Discard the top and work with the base.
  • The base of the bottle has ten vertical grooves. Make a vertical cut every two grooves, five vertical cuts in total. Beware, the cuts should be made only to the point wit the ‘waist’ here begins . If you cut below it, it will not close properly.
  • By cutting, you get five flaps. Cut off the corners, making  them round them at the top.
  • Push each flap toward the center and down to “teach” them their closed position.
  • To close the box, fold the flaps, one slightly overlapping the previous one. When the box is closed, and if you watched from above, you can see a pentagonal star.

You must be patient and be willing to ruin a few bottles before getting it right. But once you get the hang of it, you can make many and use them for gift boxes or to carry miniature origami.

Diagrams for this model are available within the ORIGAMIGSO membership.

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