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Hen-Basket -A Favorite Model from an Origami Convention!

A couple of weeks ago I hopped across the Atlantic for the sole purpose of attending an origami convention. My destination was Nottingham in Great Britain where one of the biannual meetings of the British Origami Society was taking place.

The gathering exceeded all my expectations both in opportunities to learn new models, to meet wonderful teachers and folders, and all in the comfortable setting of Nottingham University.

Besides returning to the States with wonderful memories of a too-short weekend, I have in my studio now a box brimming with colorful models and inspiration.

Since I love origami chickens and hens, I had to pick a favorite model learned: An origami Hen-Basket (José Meeusen)

I list each model followed by the name of the person who taught it to me and the name of the designer –in parenthesis:

•1. Opening Box: James Simon (Variation of James from a two-piece box by Akiko Yamanashi) •2. Fox: teacher? (Kawai) •3. Figure: Max Hulme (Max Hulme) •4. Daffodil: Assia Veli (Assia Veli)

•5. Zōri -Japanese sandals– Tomiko Ohuchi (Hiroshi Kumasaka) •6. Sheep: Max Hulme (Max Hulme) •7. Flexagon: Tun Ken Lam (creator?) •8. Water wheel: Dave Venables (Neal Ellias )

•9. 4-Cube Modular: Michael Formstone (David Mitchell) •10. Barking dog: Colin Rowe (creator?) •11. Spider: Matthew Hayward (P.D.Tuyen) •12. Checkmode cube: Angela Loveridge (Max Hulme)

•13. Modular: Louise Warren (Meenakshi Mukerji) •14. Chicken basket: I reverse engineered it from one that Erica Thomson showed me. (José Meussen)•15.Rabitt: David Raynor (David Raynor ) •16.Spiral: Michael Formstone (Kasahara)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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