How to Make an Origami Hen-Basket

If you have been following Origami Spirit for a while, you might be aware of how much we love Origami Hens, Origami Roosters, and Origami Chicks!

To add to the flock of paper chickens featured in the past, I’m delighted to present here this Hen-Basket, a creation of the prolific artist José Meeusen (Netherlands). You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

I came across this lovely origami design years ago when I attended an origami convention in Nottingham (UK).

In the video tutorial that follows, you will learn how to make two slightly different variations of this origami hen. One is a bit simpler than the other, but both are equally charming.

My warm appreciation to José Meeusen for granting permission to share the folding steps for her wonderful origami hen-basket.

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Tips and suggestions for making the origami hen-basket

  • In the video, one hen is demonstrated using regular printer/copy paper* cut in a square and another is shown using yellow and red kami paper*.
  • Any thin and crisp paper is adequate to make this model. 
  • A good paper size to learn the model would be 8×8-inch (20×20cm). Once you have practiced, go ahead and try folding it with a smaller piece of paper such as 6 x 6-inch Kami*.
  • One version of this origami hen-basket shows only one side of the paper. White printing paper can be used to make it and a colored marker for the beak and crest.
  • Another version of this paper hen shows both sides of the paper. It is best to use paper with red on one side and any other color on the other side.

Here are suggestions for items that can be used to fill this origami hen-basket:

chocolate mini-eggs  •  jelly beans  •  m&ms  •  dried beans or rice  •  beads  •  buttons  •  felt eggs  •  tiny pebbles  •  dried petals  •  dried lavender flowers  •  dried herbs  •  confetti

Festivities and Celebrations: This hen-basket is ideal origami for an Easter celebration or as a party favor.

Little chicks for the hen You can make these perfect chicks to accompany José’s hen. Use square paper whose side is half or a third of the one you used for the hen.

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