Make an Origami Hen-Box –Updated and Improved Video!

With this post I’d like to present an updated and improved step-by-step video tutorial on how to make an origami hen. This model, of my own design, is a box too. It’s part of a growing group of fun origami containers presented here in Origami Spirit. The video is narrated in English with Spanish subtitles.

I’ve named this origami hen model Abundance Hen because it can be filled with an abundance of various small items. This origami hen can be a great home-made gift for many occasions, including Easter, as a favor for birthday parties or a baby shower.

Hens, chickens, and eggs all symbolize prosperity, fertility, abundance, the feminine force, maternity, and the beginning of life. I love the symbolism! This origami hen can be a lovely present on Mother’s day.

Are you a teacher? Hens and chickens have been protagonists of many fables and children’s stories such as The Little Red Hen, a traditional tale, and Hattie and the Fox by Mem Fox, a particular favorite of mine. In the classroom, you can use an origami hen to narrate and illustrate one of those tales.

Here are suggestions for items that can be used to fill this origami hen:

chocolate mini-eggs  •  jelly beans  •  m&ms  •  dried beans or rice  •  beads  •  buttons  •  felt eggs  •  tiny pebbles  •  dried petals  •  dried lavender flowers  •  dried herbs  •  confetti

For more ideas on how to use the origami hen, read the following articles:


Prosperity Hens Fill a dozen of origami hens with rice and make a strand of prosperity hens.

Ten-Second Party Fortune For a party or special occasion, write fortune messages and fashion them as tail feathers of this abundance hen. Each guest selects a feather, opens it, and reads the auspicious message aloud.


Little chicks for the hen You can make these perfect chicks as company for the hen. Use square paper whose side is half or a third of the one you used for the hen.

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19 thoughts on “Make an Origami Hen-Box –Updated and Improved Video!”

  1. Hi there. Your instructional videos are the best around! I just did this chicken and I ended up the the head part not staying together like it does on yours. Do you think it’s the paper type?

    • Hi Tina,
      Thank you for your question. The layers of this hen, at the area of the head, might tend to separate.
      Yes, making it with a very thin paper helps a lot and no smaller than 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15 cm).
      Also, when you insert your finger to puff it up, hold it from the head. This helps keeping the head layers together.
      One last idea (not for origami purists) is tu use a dab of glue ;-)

  2. Great!
    Might make one for my brother’s birthday soon.
    Love your website, Leyla! Keep up the good work!
    I’ve always loved origami but most of the instructions I found were really hard to follow. Your tutorials are perfect!

  3. So glad you re-made the video! I’m going to make the hens and the bunny egg holder for Easter for my 5 grandchildren. I’ll be one busy Mom-Mom! Thank you, Leila!

  4. I made a tiny gallina, but I think I made small wings, instead of doing the last few folds. At any rate, I love it! I’ll try to fold more tomorrow.


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