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Make Modular Origami Stars as Christmas Ornaments

A few months ago I found in the Museum of Modern Art in New York this perfect block of color squares about 3 inches to the side. These days they are coming in handy to fold modular origami stars, which are very easy to make. They are great to decorate the Christmas tree.

Here is the link to the diagrams for this modular origami star created by Rachel Katz.

Tips to fold the origami modules quickly

  • From each square of paper 3 x 3 in, four modules 1.5 x 1.5 in can be obtained.
  • Pre-fold each large square as shown in the first photo below.
  • After pre-folding, cut four smaller squares and proceed with the folding and assembling according to the diagrams. This saves you a lot of time if you want to make many stars!
  • You can pre-fold many larger squares first and then cut them all.

Make different-looking origami stars with the same module

  • As a variation, these stars can be assembled with five, six or more folded modules.
  • Here is a nice variation. You need to add a few folds.

After assembling each star there are two choices to display the origami stars

  • Open up the side of each module by inserting your index finger. The result is a puffed-up star like the two stars of different colors in the picture below.
  • Leave them closed, as in the blue and red stars.
Origami modular stars

M• E • R • R Y •••C • H • R • I • S • T • M • AS

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