Origami USA Convention is for Novices and Experts

Feel intimidated by the idea of attending an origami convention? Well, drop that feeling and pack your bags! On June 24th through the 27th there’s a place for everyone, young or old, experienced or not, at the International Origami USA convention in New York City.

Whether you’ve attained a high technical level in paper folding, or you last folded something in grade school –or somewhere in between, you’ll feel welcomed and energized at this fun-filled event.

The Origami USA convention occurs annually, its roots tracing back to initial meetings in 1962. Now the largest of all origami conventions, the New York event has been traditionally held on the last weekend of June. Attended by origami practitioners from all over the the world, people are attracted by world class presenters, large selection of activities, and the opportunity to share with and learn from others.

If you’re attending this year for the first time, great! You’ll find the event well-organized and filled with other experienced attendees more than happy to help guide you through the maze of activities.

Event:    Origami USA annual NYC Convention
Date:    June 24-27, 2011
Place:    The Fashion Institute of Technology and Design

There is still time to register for this year’s convention. So, for more information and registration please visit the Origami USA website.

Just can’t make it? Of course you’ll be missed, but Origami USA holds secondary conventions as well. The Pacific Coast Origami USA Convention (PCOC) will hold its next meeting September 29 – October 2, 2011, in Bellevue, WA.

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I’m all registered and ready to go to NYC this coming June 24th. So, I’ll see you there!


4 thoughts on “Origami USA Convention is for Novices and Experts”

  1. Will you be teaching a class? I’ve signed up to attend and am really looking forward to the classes! I went to the 2004 convention with a “group”…me and three 11-year-olds. We had a great time. This year I will be by myself, though, so I will feel like a first-timer again. I smiled, too, about your ditching your “First-Timer” badge :)

  2. I attended my first origami convention in 1994. I felt so intimidated and insecure about my folding abilities that I removed the FIRST-TIMER ribbon from my badge so that nobody would notice all my ‘shortcomings’ as a paper folder. I smile at myself when I look back and realize how unnecessary that was. I felt judged by nobody and my beginning skills were just fine to allow me to succeed in the classes I took.

    I have noticed that people in general have the perception that a convention is just for experts. Although some familiarity with paper folding is helpful, people with little experience can attend. There are classes for beginners.

    The secret is to be aware of your level and relax if there are models that are too difficult for you. In time you will be able to master them.


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