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A Blackfaced Origami Sheep in My Mailbox

When I saw Tony O’hare’s artist trading card (ATC) featuring a blackfaced sheep at the Origami USA convention in New York, I so hoped it would be one I’d receive during the card exchange. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.

But all was not lost. When I arrived home after the convention I contacted Tony and proposed a post-convention exchange: one of his sheep cards for one of my ‘hatching chick’ cards (chick design by Sara Wooden). I was so pleased when he agreed.

The Blackfaced Origami Sheep is Tony’s design created specially for the 2011 OrigamiUSA ATC exchange and one of a series of Welsh-themed ATCs he has created.

Today, July 10th, I received Tony’s card in the mail.
I think it’s just wonderful to receive hand-delivered mail. Don’t you?

18 thoughts on “A Blackfaced Origami Sheep in My Mailbox”

  1. Where can I get this diagram? This is a lovely sheep and I’d like to teach it to my students as part of a project we are doing in class.


  2. Que preciosa oveja con la que nos has deleitado a los seguidores de tu ´página .. siempre llena de novedades origámicas.
    Gracias por compartir tus tesoros.
    Un afectuoso abrazo desde Chile
    Aída Urrutia

  3. I still have fond memories of making a “pigs ear” while folding the ear of another Tony O’Hare sheep (BOS Convention in Manchester, I think it was…)

  4. Hi Leyla – thanks also for your ATC which I received a few days ago – with added bonus of one of your sheep water-colour cards. And thanks for the lovely comments on my sheep. The whole ATC exchange proves to be quite an inspiration, as you get your creative head working, trying to figure out what works on, effectively, a mini-canvass. I’m really pleased with the Blackface sheep design, and will produce folding instruction diagrams shortly. (You can add stick on eyes if you wish – but don’t say that too loudly to origami purists!) I had to experiment with a few different maps of Wales and layouts before settling on the one shown…! By coincidence I’m off into the hills of the Brecon Beacons in mid-Wales this weekend with partner Grace, so will say Hi to any Blackface sheep we come across from you! Diolch yn fawr – that’s Welsh for “Many thanks!”. Tony

    • I love participating in the ATC trades because it is always a good exercise in creativity. I look forward to folding your little blackface sheep in the future. Enjoy your visit to Wales!

  5. It is early morning in British Columbia, Canada and as is often the case, I start my day to see what you are “up to” Leyla. What a treasure to have received in the mail! I agree with you completely about receiving the post.

    Look for a surprise in the mail from me, to thank you for your continuing inspiration over the years.

    Best wishes,
    Rosemary Browne

    • Hi Rosemary,

      It’s is always encouraging to read your posts. :-)

      I also enjoyed the article you wrote in The Paper (Origami USA magazine) about your experiences teaching origami as therapeutic “magic” to the patients at the psychiatric unit of Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital.
      Thank you for sharing!


    • Yes, I agree, top quality! I couldn’t wait to receive this card and ponder how the sheep is folded. Some times it is just fun to see a fold and let the folding process be a little bit of a mystery in anticipation to the day I learn how to fold it.


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