Back From the OrigamiUSA Convention 2011

Back from the Origami USA convention in New York City  my work table is overflowing with origami models, papers, books,  and presents. As always the convention has left me recharged with creative energy and a surplus of new ideas!

Some highlights of the Origami USA convention 2011:

This year’s special guest was Toshikazu Kawasaki from Japan who is the well-known creator of the famous “Kawasaki Rose” along with many other beautiful models.
Mr. Kawasaki’s “One-minute-rose” class was sold out in just over a minute, and many of us were left out in the cold!


I had the great pleasure of meeting Beth Johnson in person. Beth was this year’s winner of the Florence Temko Award which was established by OrigamiUSA to honor a “Lone Folder” who has contributed to origami in a meaningful way. Beth’s elegant models drew much well-deserved attention at her exhibition table.


There were over six hundred attendees from most US states and many countries including Argentina, Germany, Brasil, Canada, Colombia, Korea, United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland and Venezuela, twenty five percent of whom were first-timers! Great!

Left photo, back row: Lus Pesoa (Brasil) Beth Johnson (US), Leyla Torres (US/Colombia), Noelia Avila (Argentina), Maria M. Acosta, (Colombia); Front row: Lupita Martínez (Mexico) Erika Carcano (Mexico).

Right photo, Gay Merrill Gross (US) shares a story created around her new origami basket design.


These are the three models I taught both in a formal class, and informally more times than I can remember.
Left to right: Poinsettia Box, Pre-Columbian Frog, Curly Tato Box.


8 thoughts on “Back From the OrigamiUSA Convention 2011”

  1. Hello Leyla:

    Your photos of the Conference are wonderful! I can now put a face to Gay Merrill Gross :-) Everyone looks so happy and I can imagine the conference is indeed like being in Origami Heaven!
    Thank you for your continued efforts to keep the “lonely folders” inspired. My wish is to, one day, attend this event.

    As always, happy folding and best wishes,
    Rosemary Browne
    B.C. Canada

  2. Thank you for posting highlights from this year’s origami convention. It’s the connection with old and new origami friends I always enjoy at conventions!
    Excellent report, great photos.

  3. Great photos! I had a great time at the convention and it was so very nice to meet you there! I am grateful for your advice to take the Kawasaki Rose class – it was a wonderful class. Leslie was a terrific teacher and everyone made nice roses :). Your models look lovely…I wish I had learned them! There were so many good classes to choose from and so little time.

    • Great to have met you too, Rebeca. I’m glad you enjoyed Leslie’s class and were able to learn the rose. It’s a great model. I made so many Kawasaki roses years ago, but I haven’t folded it in a while and my hands must be a little rusty in remembering it!


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