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Virgin and Child

On her blog, Vera Young has shared diagrams and an image of her interpretation of Our Lady of Aparecida (Nossa Senhora Aparecida), by Emilson Nunes, author of this wonderful book:

The dark-skinned virgin, venerated in the Catholic Church, is the patron saint of Brazil. Her feast day is celebrated every year on October 12th.

Painters and sculptors throughout the history of western art have used their skills in creating images of the Madonna.

Vera’s image inspired me to create the origami version of the virgin shown in the photo here. Unlike Our Lady of Aparecida, this virgin holds in her arms a child that is clothed in a white tunic.

To make the virgen’s halo: You can use any ring or wreath you like. In this case, I used models found in  Origami Rings & Wreaths by Tomoko Fuse.

To make the child:

  • Make the head in a similar fashion as the virgin’s, but smaller.
  • Here are step folds for the tunic.
  • Here are step folds for the hands.
  • For the halo, be creative, there are dozens of origami wreaths and rings you can use. This one in particular is called “sunburst”. Diagrams found in Complete Origami(Eric Kenneway) p.110

17 thoughts on “Virgin and Child”

  1. Hi
    I loved the ideas of how to use origami in a creative way. Was impressed with the orogami interpretation of Our Lady of Aparcida. I couldn’t find the pics of Virgin Mary on Vera Young’s website. Pls if you could share the pics with me of creating the Virgin Mary, since I would like my daughter to make a greeting card on Mother Mary’s Birthday…Thank you.

    • Hi Susan,
      Thank you for reaching out. It looks like the page with the diagrams for this virgin has been removed. I do not have the diagrams to share publicly.
      My only suggestion at the moment, is that you purchase the book where the diagrams are shared. It’s still sold at Amazon for a low price.

  2. Hi, leyla Torres. The diagrams the virgin Mary and baby Jesús aren’t and the saints neither.
    could you provide them to me again?
    thank you!!!

  3. I just want to say thank you for sharing this. I’ve looked at a lot of origami models tonight but just seeing this made me happy in a child-like way, with the bright colors and the familiar origami models put together in a new way. :)

    Also, thank you for the photo of the last steps to make the modular origami star variation by Robert Paul Miller. I had been a little confused by them in a book I have of Christmas origami, but now it’s much clearer.

  4. This is so charming! I got diagrams for the Virgin Mary off Vera Young’s website. Will you be posting diagrams for the Infant Jesus? (Hint, hint.) Thank you! (PS–Enjoy your site and blog very much. Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us.)

  5. Leyla, sua “Virgin and Child” está maravilhosa!!!
    Para nós., eu e Emilson, é uma honra servir de inspiração para você… Muito obrigada!
    Adoro a delicadeza, a simplicidade e a generosidade de seus posts, fotos e comentários!
    Posso incluir a sua interpretação da Virgem no nosso álbum do Facebook “N. Sra Aparecida dobrada por muitas mãos…”?
    Um beijo carinhoso, Vera.


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