You could be the proud owner of this Precolumbian Frog Brooch!

Remember seeing the images of the devastating Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March of 2011? On that tragic day many children in Japan’s Sendai area lost their parents.

To address the urgent need of these orphaned children, Japanese origami master Mr. Makoto Yamaguchi established the Origami Caravan.

Following his lead, June Sakamoto and Vicky Mihara (US), then came up with the idea of holding an online auction, which they named the Origami Caravan Auction, allowing participation by people from around the world.

Seventeen origami original pieces by artists from different countries and one hard-to-find classic origami book will be auctioned at this year’s Origami Caravan Auction event from May 5th to May 24th, 2012.

In support of this effort, I am honored to have had  one of my origami Pre-Columbian Frog brooches accepted for inclusion. The brooch is gilded with 23K gold leaf and its auction opens on May 11.

For information about all participating artists, and the pieces of origami art being auctioned, please visit the  Origami Caravan Auction website.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own an original piece of art! Mark the dates and do your part to support a very worthy cause.


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