Printable Origami Paper -Available Here and Now!

To enhance your selection of origami papers, I’d like to introduce printable origami papers of my own design offered exclusively on Origami Spirit. These origami paper designs come in high-resolution digital files that can be downloaded to your computer.

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They can either be printed on your own printer at home, or by a local print shop. In addition to origami, these high-resolution downloadable paper patterns are suitable for scrapbooking, card making, and other craft projects.

Where do I find paper for origami?

This is one of the questions I’m asked most frequently here at Origami Spirit. In my view, there isn’t one kind of “origami paper” that’s suitable to fold everything. Origami can be -and should be, practiced with many different kinds of paper, including recycled paper. 
For special occasions, such as making and giving someone a unique present, we might want to select a paper with a unique print pattern. These are not always available or easy to find. So here we offer some printable origami paper options that you can have right away.

Printable Origami Paper -Styles Available

Black and White

  • Offered in sets of coordinated small-pattern designs. This printable origami paper is economical and easy to reproduce. The number of possibilities can be increased by printing these patterns on bright colored papers available through a local stationery, printing company, or office supply store.

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  • Offered in sets of color-coordinated designs appropriate for origami, these patterns may be printed on white paper to reproduce the original color design. These same patterns may also be printed on colored papers –imparting their own tone to the original color of the downloaded paper pattern, to produce limitless possibilities and duo-color effect.

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Please share with us how you have used these patterns and do let us know if there are any specific motifs or designs you might like to see available in the future.

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