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Origami Penguin Lovers, Look No Further!

Open Origami for All, a book by Ioana Stoian, and begin a magical 80-page journey through a world of her special origami figures. The book includes an origami penguin (video tutorial shown below) and fifteen other elegant and easy-to-fold origami models. It would make an excellent addition to any origami library.

Whether you take this book along for the daily work commute, or reserve it for a rainy and cozy afternoon at home, you will not be disappointed. Once you begin leafing through its well-designed pages, you’ll want to fold everything!

Are you a beginning origami folder or are you folding at a more advanced level?

If Origami for All is your first origami book,  it will introduce you to the different types of origami. If you are an expert, it will add some gems to your list of favorites. Origami for All indeed has something for everyone, including:

  • Origami animals  a penguin, a cat’s head, a bat, a seal and a fish.
  • Practical origami  a purse, a box, a bracelet, a name holder, a bookmark.
  • Origami for celebrations  a party hat, a Christmas tree.
  • Geometric and/or modular  origami a brooch, a box (same listed under the Practical Origami bullet), a heart, a flower.
  • The human figure represented in the form of a monk.

Which models I enjoyed the most?

That’s a hard choice to make as I liked them all. But, if pressed, I would highlight the following.

  • Origami bracelet This model has a clever lock and could also be used as a napkin ring.
  • Two-piece modular origami box  An ingenious and pleasing folding sequence.
  • Origami brooch a modular piece with four units. Made with smaller 3″ x 3″ paper it’s a brooch. Made with 6″ x 6″ paper it’s a coaster.
  • Origami penguin there are dozens of origami penguins, but I like Ioana’s paper penguin in particular. With a few efficient folds she conveys the essential features of this iconic Antarctic bird.

But don’t miss out,  fold the rest. They will teach you the language of origami and delight you by their folding sequence.

The diagrams -made by Eric Gjerde (master of origami tessellations), employ universal origami symbols. The folding sequences have clear landmarks and are easy to follow, even for those who are just beginning with origami. The introduction, as well as the section explaining the origami symbols, are written in five languages including English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese.

Ioana Stoian’s first origami book marks a lovely debut for her as an origami author. Origami for All is a little jewel, a passport to an elegant and simple origami world.

You can find Origami for All at OrigamiforAll.co and from The Source (Origami USA Store).

Thank you, Ioanna, for granting permission to show how to fold the penguin in this video!

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11 thoughts on “Origami Penguin Lovers, Look No Further!”

  1. Hi Leyla, I’m on a penguin folding spree. I really like the unique beak shape on the penguin by Ioana Stoian. Thanks for the video tutorial.

  2. I’ve just returned to Origami Spirit after several years. There are so many more videos out there now than when I first watched Leyla fold, but Leyla’s folding directions and her lovely voice make this ‘hands’ down best site. I appreciate that designers are credited.

  3. Clever folding to create an origami penguin using blue/white paper! So precise in folding instruction, clear on each step/fold. Thanks for this video.


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