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Origami Giveaway – Take a Visual Test and ENTER to Win!

World Origami Days 2013  ~  Our celebration is  here!

World Origami Days, held each year from October 24 to November 11, is a 2-1/2 week celebration of the international community of origami!

To join the celebration you are invited to:

  • Watch this 2-minute video carefully.
  • Make a best guess as to the maximum number of origami peppers that appear.
  • Write “I see _[xx]_ peppers” ON YOUTUBE in the comments section under the video.
  • View the video as many times as you wish, but write a guess only once.


  • THREE (3) GRAND PRIZES will be raffled among people who correctly estimate the number within ten of the total number of origami peppers.
  • The giveaway will take place on November 11, 2013, 6pm (New York City time)
  • The winners will be announced within 24 hours following the raffle. Good luck!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED –Click here to find out who were the WINNERS!

10 thoughts on “Origami Giveaway – Take a Visual Test and ENTER to Win!”

  1. Olá, Leyla.

    Sou uma das felizes ganhadoras do sorteio das pimentas.
    Vi que meu enderêço de e-mail saiu como rachelzg1 que é meu enderêço no Youtube.
    Meu enderêço de e-mail mesmo está aí acima. Digo isso porque ainda não recebi nenhuma comunicação sua, como anunciou no vídeo.
    Aguardo uma resposta sua, confirmando o recebimento desse e-mail, por favor.
    Abraço dessa sua grande admiradora

    • Oi Rachel,
      Obrigada por escrever e parabéns para sua boa sorte! Estarei enviando-lhe uma mensagem privada para o seu endereço de e-mail. Verifique também no seu junk-mail no caso de seu provedor de e-mail filtra-lo.

  2. I see 118 peppers.
    Youtube won’t let me comment without setting up a channel. I don’t publish videos and I don’t want a channel. Please accept me into your contest this way after all this is YOUR website and thank you for your very inspiring work Leyla.


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