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Make an Origami Chihuahua Dog and a Bone

This origami dog comes bounding along to join a growing family of origami animals presented here at Origami Spirit.

According to folklore –and archaeological evidence, the Chihuahua originated in Mexico. But this particular origami Chihuahua comes from Spain, the country of origin for its creator, Vicente Dolz*.

I love the whimsical nature of this origami dog  about to pick up an origami bone. Where will it bury this little treasure?

Thank you Vicente for giving permission to present your origami dog in this step-by-step video. I enjoyed the folding process and I’m sure you will enjoy it too!

Tips and suggestions for making the origami dog

  • Use thin paper to make this origami dog.
  • It’s best to use paper of the same color on both sides as both sides will show in the finished model.
  • Brown bags made with thin paper are excellent sources of paper for this dog.
  • The origami dog is made from a 2:1 rectangle (Half a square)
  • For a first attempt, make the dog with a paper no smaller than 12×6 inches 30 x 15cm.

For the origami dog bone

  • Use a square of office paper or some other paper similar in weight.
  • A recommended size to make the bone is 1×1-inch (2.5×2.5cm)

* Vicente Dolz
Vicente’s interest in origami dates back to his childhood in Spain. He learned the language of origami by folding many models created by other people.  Over the last few years Vincente has devoted much of his time creating his own models. He likes designing figures that require few steps, and those that can be made with readily available paper. The origami dog presented here is an example of Vincente’s work.

Vicente practices origami on the subway when going to work, at the dentist’s waiting room, or in his dining room of his home. “That’s the beauty of this activity. You can practice it anywhere and you don’t need more than a piece of paper, your hands, and your imagination,” he says.

As a high school art teacher, Vicente incorporates origami into his regular classes and in extracurricular workshops for teenagers. Vicente’s creations  can be seen on his Flickr page.

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9 thoughts on “Make an Origami Chihuahua Dog and a Bone”

  1. Leyla,realmente son obras de arte… me encantan,pude realizar algunas sencillas con la ayuda de sus tutoriales;los cuales son muy claros.Gracias, saludos Gabriela.

  2. Thank you for all of your tutorials Leyla; I believe you have a gift as a tutor, clearly spoken and all relevant information imparted, especially paper orientation which is something that is often forgotten. I have made some incredible pieces of origami by not realising that the paper had been turned over or around! Thank you again for your time, best wishes Lorraine

  3. What can I say … you are the cream-of-the-crop in every way :-) Thank you, Leyla as well as Vicente for bringing this wonderful little model to our origami world!
    I know my Skippy’s Veterinarian will be very grateful to receive this model to add to her collection,

    All the very best,

  4. Thanks for making this video Leyla! I thought this little dog was so cute when I saw it on Flickr last month. Have fun at the convention!


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