Oink! Make an Origami Pig


Creating origami animals is always a magical exercise. Make this origami pig and fall under the spell of transforming a piece of paper into a charming and recognizable creature. No glue or scissors needed, only your hands and fingers, and a square piece of paper!

Although the pig might have negative symbolic references in different cultures –uncleanliness or overindulgence, the pig is also seen by some as a symbol of abundance, fertility, honesty and determination. Some contemporary scientific research suggests that pigs can outsmart dogs and are at an intellectual level equal to that of chimpanzees.

There are many pig characters in literature including those well known characters in the fable of the Three Little Pigs building their houses of straw, sticks, and brick.

This origami pig is one of my own design and can be made in about thirty steps. The following step-by-step video shows the process.

Tips and suggestions for making the origami pig

  • In the video, the pig is demonstrated using kami paper.
  • To learn how to fold this origami pig a 6 x 6 inch (15 × 15cm) piece of Kami paper is ideal.
  • Thicker paper such as “Tant” or regular office paper can make good choices too.
  • The finished pig shows only one side of the paper. It is not necessary to use paper with a different color on each side.
  • Don’t make just one pig, make many, and many more! Your origami skills will improve with every additional figure and before you know it you’ll have a lovely choir of grunts!

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7 thoughts on “Oink! Make an Origami Pig”

  1. Thank you so much for this! I’m making a family of pigs to take to a dinner party celebrating the year of the pig. You are an excellent instructor and I’m confident that they will be a hit!

  2. Thank you so much dear Leyla! What a fantastic little piggy! He or she is so full of surprise folds :-) Very, very well done my friend!

  3. Fantastic model. I loved this model. That little pig looks really cute. I enjoyed folding it. Thank you for all the wonderful videos you post on this website. Thank you so much.


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