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Make an Origami Hot Pepper to Commemorate Wilbur Scoville

Did you know there is a scale to measure the “spiciness” or “heat” of hot peppers? It’s called the Scoville Organoleptic Test.
Today Google’s doodle celebrates the birthday of its inventor: Wilbur Lincoln Scoville (January 22, 1865 – March 10, 1942).


While working at the Parke-Davis pharmaceutical company in 1912, Mr. Scoville devised a test and scale to measure the pungency of various chili peppers.

The scale measures the concentration of a chemical called “capsaicin” responsible for the burning sensation in any tissue with which it comes into contact.

How about making an origami hot pepper in honor of Wilbur Scoville’s work?

Here is the video to make a hot peper (creation of Leyla Torres)

Tips and Suggestions to Make this Origami Chile Pepper

  • The pepper is made with a rectangle in the proportion 1:4. For example, if the short side is 2 inches, the long side should be 8 inches.
  • You need to use paper which is red on one side and green on the other. In the video there is a suggestion on how to color paper.
  • A square piece of paper 6 x 6 inches (15 X 15 cm) can be folded and divided into four equal strips to make four hot peppers -shown in the video.
  • For the first pepper you make, practice with a larger piece of paper.
  • Thin paper like “Kami” known in the US as “origami paper” works well.
  • I have made golden peppers using chocolate wrappers as well.


Experiment!  Have fun with it!

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5 thoughts on “Make an Origami Hot Pepper to Commemorate Wilbur Scoville”

  1. Super interesting, Leyla! I love his Chile-Peppa moostache! As always, thank you for enriching our origami world, and making us smile.

    • Your’e welcome Rosemary. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for a little mustache irreverence. It makes it easier for all of us to remember Mr. Scoville as the creator of the Scoville Organoleptic Test ;-)


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