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Does Origami Help with Stress?

Origami is an excellent creative outlet that anyone can use to help reduce stress generated by life challenges such as exhausting work schedules, or demanding family circumstances.
Origami is a gentle activity that will shift our focus away from these challenges and help us focus on the present. 
Origami can increase our confidence and lead us down the path to success in achieving an intended result. 
If you want to practice origami to alleviate some stress it is important to start with relatively simple origami models such as those found HERE.
Starting with easy-to-fold models will increase your chance for success in less time. In addition, focusing on the process and the lovely geometries found in each step is a way to cultivate mindfulness and discover the joy in the process, regardless of the final result. 

Origami provides a creative outlet. Following diagrams or videos is a way to re-create or interpret an origami figure. There are always small variations that can be explored too. Choosing your own paper colors, color combinations, designs or textures for the figures you want to make, offers a gentle way to express your creativity. 
Origami can boost social skills because it inspires paper-folders to reach out and engage with each other. Friendships and social gatherings can come from engaging with other people who share our interest in origami. 
The simple act of talking with another human can trigger hormones that relieve stress when you feel agitated or insecure.

When you want to practice origami to relieve stress, remember to start simple, focus on the task at hand, relax, and embrace the joy in the process.

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