Folding Frenzy -Orinuno or Fabric Origami?

Louise Mabbs is the next guest presenter at Foldeas: Sharing Ideas through Origami.  

Louise has been a textile artist for over 40 years, is the author of the book “Origami Quilts”, and a member of the British Origami Society.

Foldeas is a series of online hands-on paper-folding presentations hosted by Gerardo Gacharná. Each presentation is free of charge and features a guest speaker from different countries and backgrounds.

The title of Louise’s presentation is “Folding Frenzy -Orinuno or Fabric Origami?”.
Date and Time:
Saturday, August 22, 2020

At this presentation, you will learn…

  • About Louise Mabb’s fabric origami work.
  • How to fold basic paper windmill and pinwheel blocks.
  • How to make the sewn versions.
  • How the units and the holes between them tessellate.

4 thoughts on “Folding Frenzy -Orinuno or Fabric Origami?”

  1. Louise Mabbs’ Orinuno/Fabric Origami class was fabulous! I will post photos of the windmill/pinwheel origami and my not-so-perfect fabric origami on my FoldsandWhatKnots Instagram account.


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