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Origami Artist and Visual Story Teller- Guy Binyamin

Guy Binyamin (Israel) is an origami artist and engineer. Sensitive to the importance of light and color, Guy folds exquisite animals and creatures and presents his models in beautifully creative compositions that tell compelling tales.

Guy shared some of his secrets for creating unique origami storytelling magic in a one-hour conversation with members of Origamigos, the Origami Spirit Membership.

Enjoy this short excerpt where Guy describes some of the hidden treasures he places in his origami compositions.

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Follow Guy’s work on Instagram: @binyamin.guy

‘Bunny’ was designed by Mineo Shotaro, Golden River paper.

“This model was a tough challenge! Collapsing the crease patterns wasn’t too hard but the shaping killed me. I’m not too good when it comes to shaping and I usually keep them minimalistic. So getting a good result here was super tough for me and I hope it came out alright.”

Emperor, designed by Jiahui Li (Syn) Painted Vintage paper.

“I really like the cute and small form of this model. All the details are top notch! Very cartoonish but at the same time not compromising the key features of a lion.”

Koala, designed by Gen Hagiwara • Lokta paper

“…another great model by Gen Hagiwara! Super expressive, rememberable, quite anatomically accurate, and can be folded from pretty much any paper I had great time folding it and trying different shaping methods.”

Complex Dragonfly, designed by @shuki_kato with Banana paper.

“This model is one that I tried to fold almost 2 years ago. At the time I couldn’t deal with it so I just left it, skipped it. Now I’ve return to it and I can officially say that is was a nightmare to fold. So many pre-creases! Endless collapse! I don’t know if it’s my thing or not. But I had to do it.”

Persian Cat, designed by Meng Weining • Octa paper

“When creating the scenery for this cat I really wanted to create a cozy living room environment. But making a convincing origami couch has proved to be quite a challenge. Same for origami dresser with drawers. Nothing seemed to harmonize wiso I ended up going for nothing – nothing at all but the cat and tomato signature. Simplicity, just like the cat itself.”

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