Origami Video Tutorial – Candy Coffin Gift Box and Variations

A model design of Alexandra Ramírez

An origami model titled "Candy Coffin Box" designed by Alexandra Ramirez

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This model is fun and aptly named “Candy Coffin.” Why? When made with black paper it resembles a coffin! You will have fun with this model celebrating Halloween or the Day of the Dead. When made with colored or patterned paper, or rectangular papers with varying proportions, this model shows its versatility transforming into a practical and lovely gift box suitable for any occasion.

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Tips and suggestions for making and decorating the Candy Coffin Gift Box

  • A good paper size to learn the original model is 6 × 6-inch (15 × 15 cm)
  • To make the variations use letter-size rectangles (US letter size or A4 are suitable)
  • The finished base boxes show both sides of the paper.
  • As a Halloween Box, you can decorate it with an Origami Sugar Skull (Instructions HERE), with Origami Candy Corn (instructions HERE), or a lollipop (instructions coming soon!).

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