Jen Patterson – Origami for Children with BFRB

Jen Patterson is a licensed professional counselor and host of Origami Story Club, an origami-based program for children age 6-11 living with a BFRB (Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior). BFRB behaviors include skin-picking, hair-pulling, or nail-biting. As a special guest presenter on Origamigos, Jen engaged us in a hands-on experience of how she works with children in her program combining story with origami.

In her Origami Story Clubs, Jen combines reading a story that features origami, with children folding an actual model. Participating in Origami Story Club can turn a child from the focus of the particular behavioral issue they are faced with, to an origami artist who can be proud to create something to share and teach.

Jen knows the importance of spending time having fun and connecting with supportive peers, as well as the power of focusing on what we want more of in our lives. She offers the Origami Story Clubs as a supportive environment to help any child who might feel alone in their struggle.

As a person on her own recovery path, living with a BFRB, Jen knows firsthand how important it is to find positive and engaging activities to focus on.

Jen has folded with her own children, children at schools, in buses, on airplanes and trains, and even with children in Peru! She has also collected a brilliant library of children’s books with origami as part of the central theme of the story, and she loves sharing these wonderful stories.

How can Origami Story Clubs help a child you love? Visit Jen’s website HERE.

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