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Let’s celebrate World Origami Days (WOD)

World Origami Days (WOD – October 24 through November 11) is a celebration period when people who love origami spread the joy of paper folding by making origami as visible as possible.

To celebrate WOD we might teach a class, fold on the bus, give our friends origami, and share or exhibit the figures we have folded. There are many ways to open the joy of origami to other people.

World Origami Days is celebrated from October 24 (In memory of the birthday of Lillian Oppenheimer who founded the first origami group in the USA) to November 11 (Origami Day in Japan where the classic paper crane originated and has become a symbol of peace).

Here are links to origami tutorials of figures you might want to fold and give away in celebration of World Origami Days. Share your photos with us at our Origami Spirit Facebook Group




Click HERE and check out our challenges to get more inspiration and make lovely figures.

Share your photos with us at our Origami Spirit Facebook Group

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