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Origami Video Tutorial – Baby and Stork

A model design of Leyla Torres

Baby and Stork

Do you like to fold origami animals and figures? You’re in luck! Here at Origami Spirit, we feature origami models we’re sure you’ll enjoy so be sure to visit the ORIGAMI ANIMALS GALLERY.

In this Baby and Stork video tutorial, you will learn how to fold the full stork, a stork’s head, and a baby swaddled in cloth and carried by the stork. This is a perfect model to create as a flat card for new parents on the delivery of their child.

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Baby and Stork Video Cover

Origami terms to note:

  • Precrease: Marking the paper by folding and unfolding. When we precrease, we are setting the stage for later steps in the folding process. Precreases are usually made when we begin a set of folds.
  • Reverse fold: to turn a fold from valley into mountain, or the other way around, mountain into valley.
  • Sink Fold: Involves a closed corned, folded, then pressed into the paper.
  • Crimp Fold: It involves two folds, one a mountain and one a valley, that might be parallel or at an angle from each other. The folds step on each other.

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