An Origami Lotus Flower – In Loving Memory of Noelia Ávila

Origami traditional lotus flower (tutorial below)

One of the things I most appreciate about origami is the friendship and connection with so many people who share a love for this wonderful art of paper folding. I value each and every person I’ve interacted with about origami over many years and I’m grateful for all that I have learned through these friendships.

The feeling of gratitude for such shared generosity and personal enrichment is difficult to express.

It is a hard and sometimes shocking life lesson that we lose people we love. It was with great sadness that I learned of the sudden and premature passing of a fellow origami traveler, my sweet friend Noelia Ávila from San Juan, Argentina.

Noelia is also known by the name, Chica Origami and was 38 years old when she died. She was gentle, joyous, generous, creative, and so much more to those who knew her.

I first met Noelia online around 2007, and then subsequently in person, at various conventions including those organized by Origami USA. In 2010 we met again when I traveled to Argentina.

Noelia and I spent some time together in the fantastic city of Buenos Aires and then traveled by car three hours north and west to attend an origami convention in the town of Rosario. This photo was taken during the convention. Noelia Ávila is seated at the far right.

Something Noelia taught me is an easy way to fold the origami lotus flower so that the paper does not rip.

When we fold this model, especially for the first time, a challenge that can arise is that the paper tears. Using Noelia’s trick we avoid this little problem.

I have folded many of these origami lotus flowers over the years, and now, for the rest of my life, the memory of Noelia will be in my thoughts and heart whenever I fold it again.

Here is the video tutorial I made of the lotus flower origami model that includes Noelia’s suggestion.

When you fold it, please say a little word of thanks for the gift of Noelia’s life. Even if you did not know her personally, you will know her by following the path of these folds that were walked and creased by her fingers too.

We would love to see what you make so please share your model on our Facebook group page.

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Tips to fold the traditional origami lotus

  • In the video, the lotus flower is demonstrated using thin kami paper, known in the U.S. as “origami paper”.
  • When folding it for the first time you can use regular letter printing paper (making a square 8.5 x 8.5 inches)
  • Other papers such as Washi, which is thin and fabric-like to the touch are also suitable.
  • The final model is mono-color. Papers with the same color on both sides are suitable for this origami lotus flower.
  • Make origami lotus of different sizes and nest them inside each other.

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4 thoughts on “An Origami Lotus Flower – In Loving Memory of Noelia Ávila”

  1. What an incredibly beautiful tribute to a fellow folder and friend, Leyla! From all the tributes I have been reading about Noelia, it is evident she was a truly special person loved by all. Yet another shining star in our origami sky.

  2. Que pérdida tan grande y en una edad tan temprana claro que doblare la flor de loto en su memoria aunque no tuve el privilegio de conocerla


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