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Talo Kawasaki • Artist Trading Card Creator and Teacher

Here is an excerpt of a conversation we had in the Origami Spirit membership with Talo Kawasaki, an origami teacher and creator of artist trading cards and many other wonderful models.

In this interview excerpt, you will:

  • Be introduced to Artist Trading Cards (ATC).
  • Learn what you need to make your own ATC’s.
  • Be inspired by the ATCs created and described by Talo Kawasaki.

The full conversation includes topics such as:

  • How to be creative with Origami.
  • How to begin creating your own models.
  • Planning and decorating a Traditional Holiday Tree.
  • Creating an under-water themed installation.

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What Are Artist Trading Cards

Origami Artist Trading Cards are small works of art, usually made on card stock, that are traded between groups of people. They organized “swap” events, either in person or online.

Artist Trading Cards (ATC’s) must:

  • measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches (64 X 89 mm).
  • be traded–not sold–for other artist trading cards.
  • be flat enough to fit into a plastic trading card sleeve.
  • be signed and dated on the back of the card.

Each artist creates a set of cards corresponding to the number of people in a trading group and with one card sent to each trading group member.

Each person ends up with a new set of cards consisting of one card from each swap participant.

Who is Talo Kawasaki

Talo Kawasaki is an origami artist and teacher currently living in Brooklyn, NY. He has many creative interests including fly-tying for fishing, travel and travel journaling, graphic design, cooking, baking, and origami.

Talo’s father wanted him to go into the family business designing ships and tugboats which he did for a number of years working as a mechanical draftsman. When Talo enrolled in art school he discovered an interest in graphic design and advertising, fields in which he subsequently worked.

When Talo was 9 years old, his dad taught him how to fold the traditional crane. This gift from his father blossomed into a creative origami career, years later, as a teacher and model designer.

In 2008, Talo began to teach origami in restaurants and discovered how much he loved teaching. Talo has also taught at schools, libraries, museums, celebrations, art fairs, and trade shows.

Talo’s passion for teaching, coupled with his work with Ros Joyce at the American Museum of Natural History on the Origami Holiday Tree, led him to begin creating his own origami models.

As a folder, Talo describes himself as a generalist. He has a preference for representational origami models–animals in particular– but enjoys folding just about anything, especially if it can be shaped when wet or dry. He is best known for Patty Bat an action model with flapping wings.

Talo’s creations have been seen on the Museum of Natural History Origami Holiday tree, in special exhibitions, at origami conventions, and in the media. In 2018, Talo Kawasaki had his first solo exhibition showing painted origami with the models and paper surface as equally important. Visit the exhibition overview >>> HERE

“Origami should be accessible to everyone because it makes people happy — Origami can help us become more fulfilled and better for it.” Talo Kawasaki

Visit Talo’s Instagram account: @talo.kawasaki

Also, check out the following videos:

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Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) designed by Talo Kawasaki


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