Three Tips for Origami Design

Suggestions from Hadi Tahir • Origami Creator and Author

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This above clip is an excerpt from a conversation with Hadi Tahir, origami creator and book author. He shares three actionable tips to create origami figures. Become an Origami Spirit member to hear the full interview and access the complete member archive of tutorials, interviews, and other event recordings and material.

In addition to sharing three tips for designing origami, the following topics were covered:

  • When and how Hadi discovered origami
  • Origami designers he admires and why
  • How he started designing origami figures
  • Hadi’s topics of interest for creation: Vehicles, Boats, Flat, Cats and Color-change origami
  • Publishing Hadi’s origami instruction books

About Hadi tahir

Hadi Tahir is an origami designer and book author from Bandung, Indonesia, a country located in Southeast Asia and Oceania between the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Hadi’s passion for origami started when he was a kindergarten student learning simple origami models from his teachers. By 2010 Hadi’s interest in origami deepened and he started to design his models and to create and publish diagrams.


In 2013 Hadi published his first book and began to share his diagrams for the convention materials of different origami groups. Since then Hadi has published additional origami books (see below) including his most recent title, Origami Cats.

Since 2017, Hadi has been the host of the YouTube channel, Origami Harri Hadi where he presents origami tutorials. He also shares his origami on Instagram and Facebook.

Hadi Tahir’s origami book titles include

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