Origami Video Tutorial – Bear Box and Fox Box

Do you like to fold origami animals? You’re in luck! Here at Origami Spirit, we feature origami models we know you’ll enjoy so be sure to visit the ORIGAMI ANIMALS MODEL GALLERY.

These origami boxes are shaped as a Bear and a Fox. Because they share a common base and some features, we may say they are cousins sharing the same origami genes! Both are made using a water bomb base, but the points of reference and guidelines are a little unusual.

Another two relatives of the Bear and Fox are a Halloween Cat and a Rabbit, published on Origami Spirit.

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…and learn to fold the Origami Fox Box and Bear Box and many other models too!

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Origami Terms to Note

  • Pinch Mark: A tiny mark that is made by folding.
  • Precrease: Marking the paper by folding and unfolding it. When we pre-crease, we are setting the stage for later steps in the folding process. Precreases are usually made when we begin a set of folds.
  • Reverse a fold: to turn a fold from valley into a mountain or the other way around, mountain into a valley
  • Lock: When locking occurs, an area of the paper is fixed at a particular configuration so that it stays in place and cannot easily be unfolded.

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