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Video Tutorial – Origami Petal Heart and Stand

A model design of Natalia Becerra-Cano

Do you like to fold origami hearts? What about Flowers? You’re in luck! Here at Origami Spirit, we feature origami hearts we’re sure you’ll enjoy. You can find these origami models in either the flower or heart galleries >>> HERE

This delightful petal heart and accompanying stand is an appropriate origami model to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or any other day too!

The folding process is a little involved because it includes several inside-reverse folds. Be prepared to face the challenge and remember… origami teaches perseverance!

Would you like to learn how to fold this model?

The tutorial is found inside Origamigos, our sister site for members.

…and learn to fold Natalia Becerra-Cano’s Petal Heart and many other models too.

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Tips and suggestions for making the Petal Heart

  • Use Kami paper, onion-skin paper, or very thin paper that is soft and crisp such as washi, which is strong and feels soft like cloth. In the video, the heart is demonstrated using handmade paper by Michael LaFosse.
  • Use a piece of paper (solid color) that’s at least 8 x 8 inches (20 x 20 cm.) when you make this model for the first time.
  • The paper should be the same color on both sides.

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