Are you a fan of the number five?

At Origami Spirit we have featured some lovely models made from a pentagon, and now we’d like to present the Star Flower, a pentagonal origami model.

Did you know that the largest number of petals in the flower family is five?

The number five may be found all around: five senses, five elements, a musical quintet, the five interlocked rings of the Olympic Games symbol, five petals in the flowers of most edible fruits, and five arms in a starfish.

The number five is a worldwide symbol of humanity, righteous authority, harmony, beauty and excellence. Artists from many countries have applied five-fold symmetry to create harmony in their compositions, such as Raphael, and Salvatore Dali.

Tips and suggestions for making this model

  • Regular office paper normally used to type letters or make copies is perfect for making this model. If you find this paper in different colors, even better! Tant paper is also suitable.
  • In addition to making this model, the video shows how to fold a five-sided piece of paper. You can skip to minute 2:41 if you already know how to make one.
  • The first time you make this model, begin your model from a paper sized 8 x 8 inches (20 x 20 cm) and fold a few of this size to begin with.
  • When you become proficient at folding this model from the larger sized paper, try folding it with smaller pieces of paper.

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