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Yuko Taniguchi – Creative Activities for Healing

On Thursday, April 27, 2023, Origami Spirit Membership hosted an interview with Yuko Taniguchi, assistant professor of Medicine and Arts, at the Center for Learning Innovation, University of Minnesota, Rochester. A poet and novelist, Yuko regularly collaborates with artists and healthcare professionals to explore how creative activities lead to self-discovery and healing. Between 2018 and … Read more

Jen Patterson – Origami for Children with BFRB

Jen Patterson is a licensed professional counselor and host of Origami Story Club, an origami-based program for children age 6-11 living with a BFRB (Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior). BFRB behaviors include skin-picking, hair-pulling, or nail-biting. As a special guest presenter on Origamigos, Jen engaged us in a hands-on experience of how she works with children in … Read more

How a Paper Heart can Help You Stay Healthy

Origami hearts are fun to make and can be used for many purposes: to express love on Valentine’s day; to give as a gift on mother’s day or father’s day, or for a sweetheart, or to make amends at whatever time of the year. Making hearts, and giving hearts from our hearts brings many health … Read more

Health Benefits of Origami

Can folding paper in the process of making Origami benefit our health? If you ask someone who is engaged with this art the answer will most likely be a confident yes. A 2010 article published by the AARP––The American Association of Retired Persons–– Boost Your Brain Health, suggests a number of things we can do … Read more