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How to Make a Modular Origami Magic Star thumbnail

Looking for an origami magic star instructions? This magic origami star was the first modular piece I ever made over twenty years ago. I loved it then and it continues to be one of my all-time favorite modular origami models. Here is why you too will love this Magic Origami Star: The module is simple and [...]

An Origami Owl, Perfect as a Gift Card Holder thumbnail

Looking for a thoughtful graduation present? An owl symbolizes wisdom and learning, and from the kingdom of origami animals comes this delightful paper owl. Perfect for the occasion. But this is not just an ordinary origami owl. It’s also a gift card holder! Owls are nocturnal birds that have many symbolic meanings including intelligence, intuition, independence, [...]

Modular Origami Lily Star –Make and Use it as a Candle Holder thumbnail

Modular origami is a technique in which two or more sheets of paper are folded into units or modules. The units are then fitted together to form one larger piece. The origami piece shown in the photo is reminiscent of both a lily and a star. Designed by Leonor Martínez (Colombia), this is a charming [...]

How to Fold Plastic Bags for Easy Storage  and Travel thumbnail

I keep plastic grocery bags for use as garbage bags, and as we all know they do accumulate. At one point there were far too many bags overflowing the container under our kitchen sink and the situation was quickly getting out of hand. Fortunately, my sister –who uses plastic bags when camping and backpacking, taught [...]

14 Suggestions for Finished Origami Models thumbnail

What can we do with that ever-increasing inventory of finished origami models? Here are some ideas: 1.Document If you like a particular model, keep one that’s nicely folded and on it write the model name, the designer, and where to find diagrams. 2. Display Photograph models and share them on personal Flickr and Facebook albums. [...]

Treasures From Patagonia in Modular Origami Boxes thumbnail

As a child growing up in Colombia, Patagonia seemed an imaginary place that I always heard mentioned in statements or expressions that implied great distance. When we wanted to describe a place that was far away, we might say something like “I had to go to ‘Patagonia’ to pick up my shoes. It took forever [...]

Found Paper: 12 Types to Fold a Bird -Which is Best? thumbnail

In the practice of origami, I have learned to keep my eyes open to the possibilities and spirit of any paper that comes into my hands and I can recycle to fold origami models. According to the model we fold there will be papers that are more appropriate than others for each particular case. The [...]

An Eco-Friendly Box Made of Recycled Material thumbnail

When my friend Tricia Tait attended an origami convention in Brazil, she learned to make the box in the photograph. It is made from a coke bottle cut in a half. It could be used for many purposes, but for the paper folders it is a perfect container to carry and protect small models. Here [...]

Ten Reasons to Practice Origami thumbnail

Origami is portable. You can practice it anywhere. Origami relieves stress. You can focus on the present moment and feel at peace. It is meditative. Origami is affordable. You don’t need expensive materials. Origami is artistic. It’s poetry with paper. You can play with colors, textures  and shapes. You can even put out a performance! [...]