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Not quite origami, but creative!

How to Make an Origami Nativity Scene: Mary –Part 2 of 3 thumbnail

The figure of Mary is the second model in the origami Nativity Scene series. In my previous post, I showed how to make the figure of Joseph and described my delight as a child making the Nativity scene with my mother. Christmas is indeed a time to recall lovely memories. I also remember the not-so-lovely [...]

Make a Gift Wrapping Decoration thumbnail

We all appreciate the of joy giving or receiving a gift. To enhance the wrapping of a present there are many origami models that can be used as handmade gift decorations. The gift wrapping ideas presented in this post are a departure from “purist” origami but they are a lovely way to add a finished touch [...]

The Banquet thumbnail

One of my origami bees flew out of the studio window on a bright sunny morning and discovered a delightful, tasty, flower garden. My niece, Eliana, and I created a stop-motion animation of this origami bee having a feast. These were the steps we followed to make the stop motion video: An origami bee was [...]

Pebbles thumbnail

Sometimes origami paper can be a backdrop for something fun… Be open to your creativity! (33-second video -have the sound up as you watch it. )