Three Minutes to Make Three Origami Kings

In this post, we are happy to present a delightfully simple and easy-to-make origami king a creation of Carlos Bocanegra (Argentina) Make three and you will have the legendary kings––wise men––that visited baby Jesus to offer gifts. Each King only takes a minute to make! The Three Kings Day At the end of the Twelve … Read more

Merry Christmas! Happy Holiday! 2022

Origami Santa Claus Origami Christmas Tree

Instructions for Saint Nicholas are found on Origami Spirit >>> HERE The Star on top of the tree was designed by Sam Cuilla. See Jeremy Shafer’s video tutorial >>> HERE Instructions for the FESTIVE BELL-BOX CHRISTMAS TREE are available to ORIGAMIGOS MEMBERS.

Fold the Floating Duck – Demonstration by Cliff Landesman

An origami duck floating on water

Cliff Landesman designed this Floating Duck -with seven achievements, from valley fold to sink. It is a special model because it is easy to fold, AND it includes all the basic origami folds.  An origami course in a single model!  Cliff first shared his Floating Duck model demonstration with Origamigos members as one that can … Read more

Three in One! – How to Make a Star, a Box and a Cube (S.B.C)

Do you enjoy origami stars? What about origami boxes and origami cubes? My friend Wenhau Chao has created a charming and ingenious origami figure that can change from a star, into a box, then into a cube. A geometric and practical origami model, this is an easy figure and you will be delighted as you make … Read more

Origami Fox Love

If you are looking to make an origami fox, you’re in the right place. The tutorial for the fox is here among tutorials for many other origami creatures! Did you know that foxes live on every continent except Antarctica? In the wild, red foxes live in scrub and woodland. But since they are quite resourceful … Read more

How to Make an Origami Tiger

Were you born in the Year of the Tiger? Maybe you have a family member or special friend who was born under the powerful Tiger sign. I have three Happy Tigers in my tribe, all born in a year of the Tiger. What do you think they’ll soon receive to celebrate their special year? Hint: … Read more