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Origami for Halloween and the Day of the Dead

Halloween and The Perfect Candy Corn Dish thumbnail

Candy Corn is a quintessential Halloween treat found in the United States. It’s hard to resist popping these little kernels of sweetness into your mouth and savor them as they dissolve in a velvety deliciousness! A while back I published a video tutorial on how to make a bat-winged heart, designed by Riky Saito (Japan). [...]

Don’t Wait for Halloween to Fold This Bat-Winged Heart thumbnail

Love Halloween? Whatever your feelings about celebrating this holiday, you will love folding this origami heart with bat wings. Riki Saito (Japan) was inspired by Ildikó’s heart-dish, published recently in Origami Spirit. With the addition of bat wings he takes Ildiko’s origami heart to a new level. Folded from a triangular piece of paper cut [...]

Festive Origami Twist-Box thumbnail

With the approach of the holiday season this festive origami twist box is an easy-to-make container for a small gift. Fold the box using red and green papers for Christmas or orange and black papers for Halloween. As a wedding favor the box could be folded with white or pastel colors; for a birthday party any [...]