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Thumbnail image for Make a Gift Envelope in Less Than Two Minutes

In need of a nice and easy-to-make envelope for a gift? As I was researching the previous post about  origami-related postage stamps, I came across this Spanish origami envelope. It is traditionally used to hold postage stamps. This is a lovely model not only for it’s original intended purpose, but it is also adaptable for [...]

Thumbnail image for Learn How to Make a Tomato-Shaped Origami Box

Based on the traditional Japanese menko, this brilliant origami box, created by Carlos Bocanegra, will become one of your favorite origami boxes for sure.  So, find yourself a couple of pieces of origami paper, sit down and let your fingers do the tomato dance! Not only will Carlos’ model offer endless pleasure in the folding, but [...]

Thumbnail image for How to Make a Traditional Origami Envelope

This origami envelope is a traditional origami (Menko) from Japan. It looks plain and simple, and it is! But don’t let such simplicity deceive you and maybe even prevent you from folding it. The process of making this origami envelope is a short and peaceful folding meditation. Engaging with it will help you unwind and relax after [...]

Thumbnail image for An Origami Owl, Perfect as a Gift Card Holder

Looking for a thoughtful graduation present? An owl symbolizes wisdom and learning, and from the kingdom of origami animals comes this delightful paper owl. Perfect for the occasion. But this is not just an ordinary origami owl. It’s also a gift card holder! Owls are nocturnal birds that have many symbolic meanings including intelligence, intuition, independence, [...]

Thumbnail image for How to Make a Fortune Pouch That Your Guests Will Love

An alternative to the conventional fortune cookie, this fortune paper pouch will be a fun conversation piece at a the dinner table. If you’re not planning to have a dinner party soon, you WILL, once you’ve made one of these charming origami containers, and find yourself folding a handful or two. A fortune cookie is [...]

Thumbnail image for Make Easy Origami Bookmarks

When it comes to origami and creativity, my friend Javier Caboblanco is a master! And recently, I couldn’t resist playing along with one of his creatively fun ideas. For ‘World Book Day’ Javier designed an easy-to-make origami bookmark, invited friends to fold and illustrate it with a drawing of their own design, and then share [...]

Thumbnail image for Twelve Lists of Top-Notch Origami Video Tutorials

12.12.12 – December 12, 2012. We won’t have a date like today’s for another thousand years! To celebrate I’d like to share twelve links to twelve lists of videos with free origami instructions that have been featured on Origami Spirit. Each list includes several origami figures along with video instructions and ideas for using them. [...]

Thumbnail image for Origami Double-Pyramid Stand for iPhone or Business Cards

Have you ever been adopted by a cat?  A few days ago a little cat appeared at our doorstep. My husband and I  walked around our neighborhood going from house to house looking for her owner. Nobody claimed her. Since she has these lovely heart-shaped markings we decided that while she stays with us (be [...]

Thumbnail image for How to Make an Origami Santa Gift Box

Looking for a cute, easy-to-make Christmas present for family or friends? A while back I came up with this origami Santa and Elf gift-box idea, and it might be just what you’re looking for. The gift boxes are easy to fold and you don’t even need glue to make them!  They were inspired by a pyramid [...]