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Thumbnail image for An Origami Owl, Perfect as a Gift Card Holder

Looking for a thoughtful graduation present? An owl symbolizes wisdom and learning, and from the kingdom of origami animals comes this delightful paper owl. Perfect for the occasion. But this is not just an ordinary origami owl. It’s also a gift card holder! Owls are nocturnal birds that have many symbolic meanings including intelligence, intuition, independence, [...]

Thumbnail image for Useful Origami, Adding Happiness to Your Life!

At an origami convention in New York City, Vicente Palacios, an origami artist and teacher from Spain, related how people often asked him what is origami good for. He would respond with another question: “What are babies good for?” We certainly enjoy folding origami pieces that extend beyond the joy of creating and folding them. [...]

Thumbnail image for Twelve Hens, Twelve Blessings for a Great New Year

This week and for the upcoming new year, I made a strand of twelve origami prosperity hens –one for each month of the year. It’s modeled after a similar idea, the multicolored prosperity hens, made of fabric and commonly found in northern India. Welcoming the arrival of the New Year I perform small personal rituals to [...]

Thumbnail image for Let There Peace on Earth…

…. and let it begin with me. ———————————————– Sometimes we need a quiet moment to find inner peace. We may find those moments while folding an origami crane. Spread Peace! Click for instructions to fold an origami crane today.

Thumbnail image for Fold the Perfect Origami Bird for Greeting Cards!

This gentle, easy-to-make origami bird, created by Ildikó Vass, folds flat making it the perfect choice to use on a greeting card or party invitation. I just mailed a gift and card featuring this bird to my nephew who will soon be celebrating his first birthday. Happy Birthday Emilio! The bird is made with a [...]

Thumbnail image for How to Fold an Easy Origami Peacock

With this charming origami peacock Evi Binzinger (Germany)  shows us an example of the imaginative possibilities of a traditional origami model.  This peacock model shown here is based on the classic paper toy called “cootie catcher”, featured here in a previous post. What Evi has done is to modify one of the corners of the [...]

Thumbnail image for Welcoming a New Family Member

Today we baptized Emilio Torres, my nephew, and the newest member of our family. Here he sleeps in his father’s arms. On Emilio’s party cake we placed some tiny origami chickens –designed by Simon Andersen (Denmark). Find diagrams for the chicks at Hans Dybkjær’s website. Look for the file at the upper right corner of [...]

Peace and Joy thumbnail

Holiday greetings to all of you who visit Origami Spirit. May you have peace, harmony and joy with origami throughout the New Year. ~.~ Origami Dove inspired by a model of Hatori Koshiro

Thumbnail image for Origami Northern Cardinal

This delightful and easy-to-make origami cardinal, designed by Román Díaz, makes for a lovely gift or  as a Christmas ornament. Cardinals are non-migratory birds identified by a bright and distinctive red appearance. They are found from south-eastern Canada all the way south to Mexico and Northern Guatemala. In the northern latitudes. Cardinals are easily spotted [...]