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How to make a Stay-Home Origami Crane

Have you ever folded the classic origami crane? Or perhaps the delightful flapping crane? If you have, you’ve had enough practice to try your hands at learning how to make this charming Stay-Home Origami Crane.

This origami model is a design of my friend Ng Boon Choon (Malaysia/Singapore), also known as Ah Boon.

Ah Boon designed and shared this model as a way to invite people to be safe and stay home in the time of the COVID19 pandemic.

But of course, those of us who love folding paper wouldn’t need a pandemic to want to stay home and make this ingenious origami model!

I’m very enthusiastic about sharing this model here on Origami Spirit. Thank you to Ah Boon for granting me permission to make a video and demonstrate how to make his wonderful Stay-Home Origami Crane.

I’m sure you too will love this version of the classic origami crane!

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Tips and suggestions for making the Stay-Home Origami Crane

  • When you fold it for the first time, use a paper square no smaller than 10 × 10 -inch. As you get practice, folding it with a smaller piece of paper will become easier.
  • You need thin and crisp paper such as “Kami” –known in the US as “origami paper”. In the video, I demonstrated with kami paper.
  • Paper of different colors on each side is ideal.
  • Since Stay-Home origami crane folds flat, it’s an excellent model to keep on your wallet ready to charm somebody at any moment.

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19 thoughts on “How to make a Stay-Home Origami Crane”

  1. Beautiful model and teaching!
    Thanks Boon and Leyla.

    I know “the symbolic power” of the “paper crane” but technically is not the shape of an “Origami Crane” is the shape of an “Origami Flapping Bird”.

    • Hi Zorrorigami,
      Yes, you are right, its is a flapping bird. We took poetic license because they are close cosins and people more easily recognize the “Crane” name.
      Cheers to you and thank you for your visit!

  2. Leyla, this model is well represented to this critical circumstance, in the year of 2020. I feel emotionally with this origami. I will make a few to send them to some friends and relatives to give them some comfort and reassurance that things will turn out right again. Peace in mind and faith in God are the initial ailments we need to stay firm and strong. Thank you again for your tutorial, it is a blessing to see such an art the origami lover, Ng Boon Choon, who is a genius, can create. I would say it is a stay-in-peace origami, a wish for everyone.

  3. Hi Leyla, thank you so much for doing this video. Wonderfully thought out and briliantly done! Would like to thank you viewers for all the kind comments too. Have a blessed Mother’s Day weekend, everyone!


  4. Beautiful design! It’s like magic watching your fingers fold the paper. Such a wonderful theme for these difficult days. Thank you so much.

  5. Oh, Leyla … it is so lovely to hear your voice and to see your hands once more. As always, a superb video for Ah Boon’s Stay at Home Crane. Thank you to you both! Rosemary xoxoxo


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