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Origami Design: The Frankensteinian Method

My friend Gerardo Gacharná (Colombia) will be offering a cost-free online origami workshop.

Participants will have fun and learn something new during this time when the world is dealing with health and economic challenges.

Join Gerardo to watch the process he took when creating a folded Shopping Bag. You will be able to fold along with him and learn about the Frankensteinian Method of designing new models.

The event will take place on Saturday, May 9, 10:00–12:30 pm (New York)/3:00–5:30 pm (London).

Click HERE to find more information about Gerardo’s Workshop

Gerardo would appreciate it if you share and repost the poster of the event and ask your friends to do do the same.

I’m puzzled by what the Frankensteinian Method of designing origami models might be. Click on the link and take the workshop to find out!

8 thoughts on “Origami Design: The Frankensteinian Method”

  1. Muchas gracias Gerardo. El taller estuvo genial. Muy interesante el recorrido frankesteniano para llegar a la bolsa. Una sola salvedad, a diferencia de Frankestein, esta bolsa es muy bonita. Excelente el material compartido y las explicaciones. Lo disfruté muchísimo. Felicitaciones por tan buen trabajo.

  2. I attended Gerardo’s Frankenstein Method workshop. It really gave me a better insight into reusing materials, or to use paper with other purpose. (And he had an easy teaching style. )
    For example, because I have planted indoors, but it’s too cold to transplant outside, I am using the heavy duty box as a temporary pot for my larger plants. I will plant the entire thing into the ground when it warms up. I used Carson mixed media paper, cut to 8 1/2” square. Then lined it with the extra paper to make it sturdier when getting wet. The first one I lined with a lunch bag, but really don’t want to use plastic. So, I’ll see how long the paper holds up.

  3. I took the seminary, it was exelent! Im very please of all what i learnerd. GERARDO Is an exelent and very clear teacher! I highly recomend it an him!


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