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An Easy and Creative Way to Include Origami in Your Journaling

Do you keep a journal? If you’ve never tried journaling, or even if you have, you might draw some ideas and inspiration from this post.

I’ve been journaling for many years. It brings solace and a deep connection to my inner creative self. My intended goal is to write daily but it’s not always easy to keep this commitment.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been more mindful of consistency and been particularly determined to keep up with this daily practice. Even if I can’t bring myself to focus energy on other artistic endeavors, I make sure to use my pen and keyboard every day.

In previous blog posts I’ve shared different journaling ideas:

In addition to writing, here’s an example of how origami can also be incorporated into a journal entry.

Recently, I sketched a tricycle on a piece of paper. Since the image of a red tricycle brings back happy childhood memories, I wanted to include the sketch in my journal. But I remembered the sketch only after my daily journal page had been completed and there was no room left to include it. And then it occurred to me…

A Solution

  • I cut the paper with the sketch into a square.
  • Then I folded it into a preliminary base.
  • I added glue just at the edge of this preliminary base.
  • I glued it to the top of my journal page.

How to fold the PRELIMINARY base for your journal?
Watch minutes 0:31 to 2:35 of the following video to learn it

YouTube player

Read more about origami and journaling HERE

How about you? Have you ever kept a journal?

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