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Treasures From Patagonia in Modular Origami Boxes thumbnail

As a child growing up in Colombia, Patagonia seemed an imaginary place that I always heard mentioned in statements or expressions that implied great distance. When we wanted to describe a place that was far away, we might say something like “I had to go to ‘Patagonia’ to pick up my shoes. It took forever [...]

Found Paper: 12 Types to Fold a Bird -Which is Best? thumbnail

In the practice of origami, I have learned to keep my eyes open to the possibilities and spirit of any paper that comes into my hands and I can recycle to fold origami models. According to the model we fold there will be papers that are more appropriate than others for each particular case. The [...]

Reuse Tissue Paper to Make Origami Mushrooms thumbnail

As a Christmas gift, we received a box of oranges from an old family friend. Each orange was wrapped in a square of white tissue paper, featuring a green circular design with red type in the center. Oranges are my favorite fruit, but looking at the contents of the box, I couldn’t decide if I [...]