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Ilan Garibi – An Artist Exploring Unusual Folding Surfaces

Ilan Garibi is a prolific and inspired Origami artist from Binyamina, Israel. He started folding Origami at age 11 and became an origami designer and creator at age 42. During his origami career, he has designed over 200 origami models which have been mostly tessellations and modular origami.

We Love Origami Cats and Triangles – A Talk and Tidbits Feature

This post is an example of content included in the Origami Spirit membership. Click >>> HERE <<< to become an Origami Spirit Member This video features the Highlights of the Month session Month themes: (Blue texts are links) The ORIGAMIGOS CHOICE RIBBON is awarded to members whose work shows unique creativity and playfulness using origami, … Read more

Yuko Taniguchi – Creative Activities for Healing

On Thursday, April 27, 2023, Origami Spirit Membership hosted an interview with Yuko Taniguchi, assistant professor of Medicine and Arts, at the Center for Learning Innovation, University of Minnesota, Rochester. A poet and novelist, Yuko regularly collaborates with artists and healthcare professionals to explore how creative activities lead to self-discovery and healing. Between 2018 and … Read more

Madhura Gupta – Modular Origami Creator

Born and raised in Kolkata, India, Madhura Gupta is an origami enthusiast and designer. who developed an interest in paper folding after receiving an origami book on her 10th birthday. At the time she folded her favorite models now and then Years later, in 2019, after Madhura had completed her Master in Philosophy degree from … Read more

Hans Dybkjær – A Wide Range of Origami Creativity and Teaching

Hans Dybkjaer Origami

INTERVIEW RECORDING FOR MEMBERS – JOIN HERE Born in 1961 and raised in a relatively rural part of Denmark, Hans Dybkjær lived with his parents in a house where heating and cooking were done with wood. Besides his regular studies, Hans learned origami from his parents at an early age. In 1981 Hans entered university … Read more

CfC3 Origami Convention – Bogotá, Colombia – Day 3

The Community for Creators of Origami had its Third International Convention, CfC3, in Bogotá, Colombia the weekend of February 10 – 12, 2023. Attendees come from four continents and met for three days in The Japan Center at Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá. Here we feature some of the models and origami creators who attended this event. James … Read more