An Interview with Jannie van Schuylenburg

The Many Facets of Origami On Wednesday, January 23, 2023, the OrigamiSpirit Membership will host an interview with Jannie Van Schuylenberg. Jannie van Schuylenburg is a paper folder, teacher, and creator, from the Netherlands. Of all her creative interests, origami is Jannie’s first love. Jannie started folding with an aunt when she was 6 years … Read more

How to Make an Inflatable Origami Rabbit

Do you like to make origami creatures? Folding origami animals brings the magic of transforming a piece of paper with our own hands into a recognizable figure. One of the beauties of origami is that no material is taken away, and no material is added. By the magic of diligent fingers in a few minutes, … Read more

Origami Spirit – A Year of Folding Together

Origami Spirt - A Year of Folding together in 2022

Looking Back on a Creative 2022 How lucky we are to have the Joy of Origami to soothe, sustain, and bring endless delight on our life journey. As we wing our way into the New Year and all the treasures and challenges that are yet to be found, let’s celebrate and focus on finding joy, … Read more

Playfulness and Connection with Origami – An Interview

Steve Vinik is the oldest of four siblings. He grew up in Libertyville, Illinois, and from the age of twelve, he’s had a unique and creative relationship with origami. During his middle school years, Steve folded paper at lunchtime in the gym. He did this to avoid being coerced into “dancing with some girl.” In … Read more

Origami, Wonder, and The Spirit of a Child

In the precious innocence of childhood, we experience wonder and joy in the simplest things. As we age we may lose this connection and are fortunate if we can find our way back again to this special place. The Red Balloon is a short film and portrait of childhood spontaneity, joy, and play. It is … Read more

Let’s celebrate World Origami Days (WOD)

World Origami Days (WOD – October 24 through November 11) is a celebration period when people who love origami spread the joy of paper folding by making origami as visible as possible. To celebrate WOD we might teach a class, fold on the bus, give our friends origami, and share or exhibit the figures we … Read more