Origami Mastery –Himanshu Agrawal

Within Origamigos (our Origami Spirit membership) we interviewed Himanshu Agrawal. Here we highlight his origami work as a lovely example of origami mastery. Himanshu Agrawal (India) has been practicing origami since 1989 and has set 5 world records for large origami installations. Through this post, you can appreciate his fantastic origami work. Himanshu believes that … Read more

Two Origami Tips for Play and Creativity – Dáša Ševerová

Recently, in the Origamigos Membership, we spent a lovely hour speaking with Dasa Severova, a prolific origami artist and creator. Dáša enjoys teaching and she is particularly interested in how origami can be used in a classroom setting to demonstrate a clear understanding of geometry. Dasa is resourcefully creative, and likes to work with different … Read more

An Origami Resource in Spanish: Diálogos Origámicos

Do you love origami? Would you like to practice your Spanish language skills? If you’re proficient in Spanish, my friend Gerardo Gacharná welcomes you to “Diálogos Origámicos“, an online text group to discuss and share your enthusiasm for paper folding. The group uses the Discord platform. For those of you who might not be familiar … Read more

Twist and Tess, Tessellations and More –Excellent Origami Book

Have you ever been intrigued by the beauty of origami tessellations? Miguel Gañán, a recent guest in Origamigos (the Origami Spirit membership), shared with us his recently published book Twist and Tess, Tesselations and More. In addition, he demonstrated how anyone can easily approach the folding of tessellations. Miguel Gañan defines tesselations in origami as … Read more