Michał Kosmulski – Origami Designer and Teacher

On Thursday, July 25th at noon (New York Time) the Origami Spirit membership will have a one-hour conversation with origami creator Michał Kosmulski as a part of its monthly interview series. BECOME A MEMBER Michał Kosmulski is an origami artist known for his innovative designs and contributions to the origami community. Here’s a look at … Read more

Piet Mondrian inspires an Origami Cube

Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) was a Dutch painter regarded as one of the pioneers of abstract art and best known for compositions of geometric shapes and primary colors. Mondrian’s early work was influenced by post-impressionism and cubism. As his art evolved, Mondrian moved increasingly toward abstraction stripping away all representational elements leaving only the fundamental building … Read more

Origami in Action – Traditional Food Wrapping

When I was a child growing up in Colombia, I often unwrapped a favorite family treat, “Bocadillo Veleño,” without realizing that my little fingers were doing origami in action, unfolding the folding. “Bocadillo Veleño” is a delicious and sweet confection made from guava pulp and sugar. Consumed with enthusiasm all over Colombia, “bocadillo” is produced … Read more

8 Tips for Creating Successful Origami Designs

One of the challenges that all creative people share, including Origami designers, is how to come up with new creative ideas. Here are some tips that I have used to create my own designs and can help as you explore the development of your own original Origami design ideas. Image: The Little Prince (Leyla Torres) … Read more

Limón Limón – Origami, Music, and Conversation

Limón Limón, a duo from Los Angeles, created a lovely song, Origami, and asked if I would create a video, using origami images, to accompany the song.

We had a conversation where we shared thoughts about our collaboration, the creative process, origami, and music.

Three Tips for Origami Design

Hadi Tahir is an origami designer and book author from Bandung, Indonesia. His passion for origami started when he was a young student learning simple origami models from his teachers. By 2010 Hadi’s interest in origami deepened and he started to design his own models and to create and publish diagrams.