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Limón Limón – Origami, Music, and Conversation

Limón Limón, a duo from Los Angeles, created a lovely song, Origami, and asked if I would create a video, using origami images, to accompany the song.

We had a conversation where we shared thoughts about our collaboration, the creative process, origami, and music.

Three Tips for Origami Design

Hadi Tahir is an origami designer and book author from Bandung, Indonesia. His passion for origami started when he was a young student learning simple origami models from his teachers. By 2010 Hadi’s interest in origami deepened and he started to design his own models and to create and publish diagrams.

Matthew Green – Designing Modular Origami

Mathew Green Origami Creator - colorful Wreath

This above clip is an excerpt from a longer conversation. Become an Origami Spirit member to hear the full interview and access the complete member archive of tutorials, interviews, and other event recordings and material. In addition to sharing inspiring tips to design modular origami the following topics were covered: About Matthew Green Matthew Green … Read more

A Christmas Greeting withTree Decoration Tutorials

Watch to the end for a naughty kitty surprise! 😉 Tutorials for origami to decorate a Christmas tree Origami Crane • Origami Frog • Origami Horse • Origami House Origami Icicle • Origami Quick Rose • Origami Santa • Origami Star … each circle is a link too …

Looking ahead to the Holidays –Talk and Tidbits – November 2023

This video features the Highlights of the Month session Month themes: (Blue texts are links) In addition to our Highlights of the Month session, which is recorded, we turned off the camera, relaxed, and shared things related to paper folding, such as origami figures that we have folded or received, current projects, questions, book titles, and … Read more

Talo Kawasaki • Artist Trading Card Creator and Teacher

Here is an excerpt of a conversation we had in the Origami Spirit membership with Talo Kawasaki, an origami teacher and creator of artist trading cards and many other wonderful models. In this interview excerpt, you will: The full conversation includes topics such as: Become an Origami Spirit member to see the complete Talo Kawasaki … Read more