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Origami – A Help to Alzheimer’s Patients thumbnail

On October 27th I interviewed Daniela Izquierdo for the Origami Spirit Membership. I’d like to share some of our conversation as an example of the content being offered in ORIGAMIGOS, the Origami Spirit membership. Originally from Mexico, Daniela currently lives in Spain. She works with an interdisciplinary team of designers and engineers who use ORIGAMI [...]

Seven Flat Origami Figures to Send via Snail Mail thumbnail

Have you ever sent or receive an envelope with an origami model inside?Even if it is an origami figure that I have folded many times before, when my eyes discover it within a newly-opened envelope sent to me and folded by someone else, I love it! Here are seven simple figures you can send flat [...]

Book Review: Tomoko Fuse’s Origami Art thumbnail

If you, or someone you know, loves origami, or paper as an expressive artistic medium, Tomoko Fuse’s Origami Art: Works by a Modern Master is the perfect book to add to a personal library, or to give as a gift. In this book, we find a remarkable collection of Tomoko Fuse‘s impressive work. Tomoko Fuse’s [...]

Make an Origami Animal to Celebrate World Animal Day! thumbnail

October 4th is World Animal Day! Folding an origami little creature we can help to raise awareness and improve animal welfare status around the world. Here is what Wikipedia says about this day: World Animal Day was originated by cynologist Heinrich Zimmermann. He organized the first World Animal Day on 24 March 1925 at the Sports Palace [...]

Learn How to Fold this Origami Kitty at Foldspace thumbnail

Will you be at Foldspace to learn how to make this origami kitty? You are invited to attend the first Foldspace origami convention. SEPT 25-27, 2020 ONLINE Together with a group of highly regarded origami teachers, Leyla will be teaching this origami kitty (designed by GenHagiwara) Please note that my affiliation with the event is [...]

Origamigos -The Origami Spirit Membership, Join Today thumbnail

Over the last few months, John and I have been super busy creating a community membership which we’ve named ORIGAMIGOS. The purpose of this membership is to help guide and inspire people from a place of curiosity––where origami is still a bit of a mystery––to a place of confidence and creativity for enjoyment, for practical applications, [...]

How to Make Origami Cats thumbnail

Are you a “cat person” by chance? Ever since our cat, Coco, adopted John and me as her family, in 2012, she became the ruler of our home and of the origami studio in particular. If you too are owned by a cat, like we are, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. In 2002, [...]

Folding Frenzy -Orinuno or Fabric Origami? thumbnail

Louise Mabbs is the next guest presenter at Foldeas: Sharing Ideas through Origami.   Louise has been a textile artist for over 40 years, is the author of the book “Origami Quilts”, and a member of the British Origami Society. Foldeas is a series of online hands-on paper-folding presentations hosted by Gerardo Gacharná. Each presentation [...]