Fold the Perfect Origami Bird for Greeting Cards!

This gentle, easy-to-make origami bird, created by Ildikó Vass, folds flat making it the perfect choice to use on a greeting card or party invitation.
I just mailed a gift and card featuring this bird to my nephew who will soon be celebrating his first birthday.

Happy Birthday Emilio!

The bird is made with a paper triangle that comes from cutting a square in a half along one of its diagonals. With fewer than ten creases this model can be made in under a minute. Both the folding sequence and the resulting bird are simple yet elegant.
Here are video instructions showing how to make this origami bird.

Two more ideas for using this origami bird:

1- Make Christmas Cards

  • Add a folded red-and-white hat to the bird and create a Christmas card similar to the one shown below.

2- Make book marks

  • Use colorful scraps of paper to make birds (Think of using paper from old magazines or wrapping paper).
  • Set and paste them against a contrasting color square background.
  • Glue them to long, rectangular pieces of card stock (7 x 2 inches / 18 x 5 cm) to make bookmarks.
  • Give them away as presents!


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