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Two Ways to Make a Paper Hexagon

A square is one of the most frequent paper shapes used to make origami figures, but rectangles, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, and circles can be used to make many beautiful origami models as well.

The hexagon is a great shape to make origami flowers and origami snowflakes.

When all sides of a hexagon are of equal length, it is called a regular hexagon. It’s easy to make a regular hexagon by folding and cutting a square piece of paper. A hexagon can also be made using a compass. This three-minute video will show you both the folding and compass methods for making a hexagon.

Examples of the six-sided shapes found in nature include the cells of a beehive honeycomb and snowflakes.

Origami figures made with a hexagon

The photos below show origami models made with a hexagonal piece of paper. Instructions for these models appear on other posts found on Origami Spirit. To see one of these post and accompanying video tutorial please click on the link below each photograph.


Field flower / Snowflake The process of folding this hexagonal origami flower, created by David Martinez, is so pleasing you’ll want to make it over and over. Made with   white paper, it looks like a snowflake.


Field flower variation This is my variation of  David’s field flower. It shows a hint of the back color of the paper, in this case green,  to create the leaves under the flower.

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  1. Hi Leyla,

    Thank you for your video on how to make a hexagon from a square sheet of paper. Your first method shown is the best technique that I’ve ever seen.

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