How to Make an Origami Star Flower and Variations

Are you a fan of five? At Origami Spirit we have featured some lovely models made from a pentagon, and now we’d like to present the Star Flower, a new pentagonal origami model.

Did you know that the largest largest number of flower families is five-petaled?

The number five may be found all around: five senses, five elements, a musical quintet, the five interlocked rings of the Olympic Games symbol, five petals in the flowers of most edible fruits, five arms in a starfish.

The number five is a worldwide symbol of humanity, righteous authority, harmony, beauty and excellence. Artists from many countries have applied five-fold symmetry to create harmony in their composition, such as Raphael, and Salvatore Dali.

And, not least, we have five fingers on each hand to fold paper!

So let’s try flexing those fingers and make this origami pentagonal flower. This Star Flower is one of my own design, video tutorial within the Origamigos Membership

Tips and suggestions for making the pentagonal Star Flower

    • Regular office paper normally used to type letters or make copies is perfect for making this origami flower. If you find this paper in different colors, even better! Tant paper is also suitable.
    • In addition to making the flower, the video shows how to fold a pentagon. You can skip to minute 2:41 if you already know how to make a pentagon.
    • The first time you make this origami flower, begin your pentagon from  a paper sized 8 x 8 inches (20 x 20 cm) and fold a few of this size to begin with.
    • When you become proficient at folding this flower from the larger sized paper, try folding it with smaller pieces of paper.



17 thoughts on “How to Make an Origami Star Flower and Variations”

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of your website. I have been doing origami a little over two years now and your website has been instrumental in helping me develop my skills. I just became a contributing member and I can’t wait to enjoy all the new content to come. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

    • Thank you Sylvia. I’m happy you have enjoyed what you find at Origami Spirit. Thank you for becoming a contributing member. Just yesterday I worked on two fun videos to be posted soon!

  2. Thank you Leyla for your beautiful tutorials, I am glad you have decided to ask for payment in order to keep offering videos of such excellence, I love all the interesting little extras too, like interviews with other origami folks, animated videos of your models, and your origami desk over the course of the year, I marvel at your creativity … do not heed the naysayers, you have many supporters!

    • You are very welcome Joan!
      Creating content for Origami Spirit is very rewarding in many levels, one of which is making connections with people and being sources of inspiration to each other.
      We appreciate your message and all the messages of support we have received here and privately. They enhance our motivation up and fuel our commitment to continue with this project.

  3. Hi Leyla:

    Spectacular model and so pleased you are offering it for a small fee. As someone who has published over 100-online videos, I fully support your charging for your work. People have no idea how time-consuming it is to produce any video, let alone the outstanding ones you and John produce. Do not let for a moment any negative criticism dampen your origami spirit. We are privileged to receive your fine tutorials. There is no such thing as a free lunch. We origami enthusiasts are not entitled to exploit your hard earned efforts without compensation. Thank you so much for your generosity and the contributions you make to our world.

    • Dear Jamie,
      I’m very happy you like this Star flower model! And thank you for your supporting the work we produce.
      Some people might not understand that in choosing to pursue origami or any art at a professional level requires full-time dedication and in doing so one must choose not to pursue some other income-generating opportunities or jobs that would also require time and commitment.
      The positive side of people’s expressing their unfavorable opinions is that it can bring up honest conversations about what it takes to practice origami as a profession.
      We all must understand that the time and work of an origami artist is as valuable as the time of the dentist, lawyer, plumber, surgeon, accountant, nurse, beautician, school teacher, veterinarian, mechanic or any other professional who is providing a service to another group of people.
      The Origami Spirit project will be viable if enough people provide a modest financial support as an exchange for content they love!

  4. I must admit, I was a little dismayed that you are beginning to offer paid content. But I certainly understand that paper, other materials, bandwidth and the such are not free. Besides, your work is certainly very much worth the payment. If I had the monetary freedom, I would gladly be a patron. (And one day I will.) ¡Gracias profesora!

    • And I must admit that making the decision to charge a small fee has been challenging. We realize that for a segment of our audience it would not be as easy to pay for premium content, but it is not just the materials that need to be covered, it is the time needed to produce the content. We would like to have a big sponsor that covered for all the work, but we don’t have one.
      There is still plenty of free content and there will be more coming.
      Thank you, Juan Carlo, for your words of support.

  5. Dear Leyla:
    I love this model, Leyla; and what a treat to have you to ourselves … unlike the Origami Connects Tutorial of this model. You are a superb teacher and creator. There is a little electronic surprise coming for you, John and Coco. xox

    • Dear Edna,
      I’m sorry you feel disappointed! I realize that we all like to receive free content. There will continue to be some videos offered at no charge.

      I’d love to offer all my work for free, but unfortunately I can’t sustain my doing this work if I don’t ask people to contribute with a small fee.

      In the same manner you might be willing to buy origami books because you love them and because you support the origami artist, you might consider buying these videos.

      I invite you to read the following article and give some thought to the idea of supporting artists’ work:


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