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Your Like Will Help Children in Need –Red Nose Day!

Here at Origami Spirit we are supporting what we think is a great cause for helping children in need.

The M&M chocolate company will donate $1 USD to the Red Nose Day organization for every photograph or video marked with the hashtag #makemlaugh. Red Nose Day is an organization that raises awareness and money to help kids in need around the world. Read Nose Day is celebrated this year in the US on May 26.

Your liking and commenting on this video or the following posts on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube will automatically add donations in support of this endeavor. This fund drive concludes on May 26, 2016.

. . . . .

Origami Talking Mouth (Soon Young Lee)
Folding and video by Leyla Torres.

To prompt M&M to made donations to the #makemlaugh fund raiser, please click on the following links at: Facebook, Instagram or Youtube before May 26, 2016 and like, comment on, or share those posts.


In the good spirit of Origami, let’s do our part!

We thank you; the children thank us.

4 thoughts on “Your Like Will Help Children in Need –Red Nose Day!”

  1. I read the article and I felt very happy after reading it. Where can I find that origami lips which you folded and showed in the video on this site? Please reply. Thanks :)

  2. It is so sweet to have chocolate, I can swallow all the M&M too. Thank you for sharing and a big hand to M&M too for supporting Children In Need.

  3. Sweet (in more than one sense :-) ). I frequently fold the kissing lips with others, always without telling them what they are doing. It is pretty cool as a surprise model.


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