Video Tutorial – “Mailing Stars”

A model design of Guadalupe Martinez]

Origami Model Mailing Stars a design of Guadalupe Martinez

Do you like to fold modular and geometric origami? You’re in luck! Here at Origami Spirit, we feature modular and geometric origami we’re sure you’ll enjoy. You can find these origami models in this gallery >>> HERE

These stars are named “Mailing Stars” because they are flat and can be easily mailed in an envelope.

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Tips and suggestions for making the Mailing Stars

  • Any thin and crisp paper is ideal to use for this flower. Copy paper, kami, tant, gift wrapping papers can all be used for this model.
  • In the video, the model is demonstrated using thin kami paper. In the U.S. kami is known as “origami paper”.
  • Use a piece of paper that’s at least 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15 cm.) when you make this model for the first time.
  • Only one side of the paper shows in the front. It is not necessary to have paper colored differently on each side.

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