Looking ahead to the Holidays –Talk and Tidbits – November 2023

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This video features the Highlights of the Month session

Month themes: (Blue texts are links)

The ORIGAMIGOS CHOICE RIBBON is awarded to members whose work shows unique creativity and playfulness using origami, sharing origami, or creating new models.

  • Origamigos Choice Ribbon Award recipient this month: Beatrix Rutzen
  • Check the video minute mark 10:42

In addition to our Highlights of the Month session, which is recorded, we turned off the camera, relaxed, and shared things related to paper folding, such as origami figures that we have folded or received, current projects, questions, book titles, and any other resource or creative idea that we might have tried recently.

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Links of Interest mentioned in this meeting

Standing Leaf – Video Tutorial (Cliff Landesman)

Cliff and Leyla made this video together. Thank you Cliff for sharing it with Origamigos

Asociación Española de Papiroflexia

Helpful resources and diagrams.

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