Creased Magazine – Oh, So Pleasing!

Crease Magazine is a new bi-monthly publication featuring never-before published original Origami diagrams from creators around the world. Having just received the first issue, I dove into it with as much enthusiasm as a child let loose in a candy store. Creative director Sok Song and his editorial team have produced a magazine that is … Read more

A Village of Origami Houses

A couple of weeks ago I saw a picture of a little origami house designed by Roman Diaz. I immediately fell in love with this archetypal house and its basic simplicity and symbolism. The question: how to fold it without diagrams? As it turns out I was pleasantly surprised to find diagrams for this model … Read more

World’s Best Origami, an excellent book by Nick Robinson

World’s Best Origami by Nick Robinson is a treasure trove of origami models for anyone from beginner to seasoned expert.The book is divided into ten chapters with each including models suitable for beginning, intermediate, and advanced paper-folders. Traditional and classic models are featured along with elegantly ingenious models created by contemporary origami artists from around the … Read more

Celebrating World Origami Days in Vermont

Today, October 28th, I celebrated World Origami Days* at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, Vermont. For about five hours my husband, John, and I distributed origami models to children and adults visiting the bookstore from as far away as Moscow! Many smiles and conversations about paper folding evolved as we filled happy hands with butterflies, kissing … Read more

Twenty Four Memories From a Great Origami Convention

To celebrate the beginning of World Origami Days on this date, October 24th, I post twenty four memories and highlights from the First Origami Convention held in Rosario, Argentina and of my first visit ever to Buenos Aires and Rosario. Laura Azcoaga, a great expert on modular origami, met me at Ezeiza International Airport on … Read more

4 Esquinas: The Progress of Origami en Latin America

The diagrams for this sheep (Román Díaz – Uruguay) and some other models are published in 4 Esquinas (4 Corners), a free online magazine about origami in Latin America. This publication is a labor of love and published by four talented origami practitioners: Mateo Diaz (Colombia), Román Díaz (Uruguay, Nicolás Gajardo (Chile) and Eric Madrigal … Read more